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Website Design And Development

We provide Website Design and Web Development services for the companies that reflect the strategy, portfolio of their organization and make the product easier for their client to reach. We offer our customers a full portfolio of web-related services such as web design, web development, web hosting, SEO and online marketing and regular updated needed to rank your site.

You care less about the technicality of the website but we do, there are many factors that go into ranking higher in Google search pages. There is even more factor for which Google can penalize your site. For example, you won’t get ranked if you don’t have responsiveness or SSL

Website Design And Development

SEO Audit

Our process always begins with a technical and/or a content audit.

An audit is the first step you need to take to identify your pain points and then use the report to build a roadmap to success. An Audit also allows you to check the work standards of your web developer or your tech guy.

Before we start fixing anything we need to analyze the whole site, identify what is in missing, what is included and what can be done better. This is called SEO Audit, the report generate from Audit works as a roadmap for progress, it identifies all your pain points that need attention.

We break this analysis in two parts
Technical and Content Aduit.

Technical Audit: Technical Audits means we check all the technical aspect of the website that can impact the performance and user experience.

Content Audit: Content Audits mean we check all your content and see if there is any duplicate content or plagiarised content in your website. This is crucial as it can result into Google penalty. We also check the user-friendly and quality of the content and identify we need to change anything.

There are many factors checked in SEO Audit, some of them are as below.

Summary of the Report
Violation on your site
Number of links
Broken links
Missing tags
Css errors
Pages with most violation
Violation categories
Violation levels
Host summary
Directory Summary
Content Types Summary
Status Code Summary
External Links
Duplicate Links
Duplicate files
Duplicate Titles
Duplicate Description
Duplicate Keywords
Content Not Found
Large Content
Pages with Broken Links
Directory performance
Content-Type performance
Pages with most links
Most linked pages
Links blocked by robots.txt
Link Depth

Site Analysis Report allows administrators to improve their Web site’s relevance in search results by recommending how to make the site more search engine-friendly.

seo audit


SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is not a tool or a marketing campaign. Don’t be confused. Yes there are tools to help us but they are just reporting tools.
Seo means to optimize your site as per Search Engines Preferences.

SEO basically carries out steps to make the website more user-friendly while trying to fulfill the intent of the users. And there are other factors that come into play like the performance of the site and the usability of the site. This is what keeps bring organic Traffic to your website that converts. We have help business grow their revenue the organic way, contact us for a free consultation…


Keyword Research

Keywords Research simply means researching for keywords that can complement your business and is favorable by Google.
The first Step is to perform analysis on your and your competition Website. We do this by doing Audit of your site and Competitive Analysis. During that process, we will identify keywords that are searched mostly on Google.

Competition Research

Once we have completed the Audit, Analysis and shortlisted keywords we will further analyze the Competitiveness of keywords. We will also analyze the keywords your competition is using.
This will enable us to accompany an arrangement for deliverable things that we would then be able to present to you and actualize on your site to improve your position and drive more guests to your site.


SEO is often categorized into two parts, ON/OFF page SEO.
Search engines are the main consideration when it comes to SEO.
Google has a checklist on regards to which it ranks pages and we follow this checklist to rank higher in Google.
In this checklist, some task is to be done on your website (eg adding Tags) and some are done outside page eg (Link Building)

On/Off Seo


Conversion means turning a visitor into customer. And i expect this is the main reason behind any campaign so not only we focus on conversion but also help lower the cost per conversion..

we provide excellent keywords analysis , data analysis and Google analytic insights to make you conversion campaign succesfull


We Are Specialized in the Following Services

We can cover all the aspects of your digital marketing needs

We Provide ROI Driven Search Engine Optimization

We ensure that your website gets valuble traffics that converts into leads

Stay on the Top of Search Results

Search Engines Started as Crawlers and they are expected to understand your site but a little help goes long way. Everybody is attempting to improve their ranking and sow ith that search engines are lso getting smarter

We only implement the google best practices. We use all the recommendation and some white hat hacks to help you rank higher in Google

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We Are on A Mission to Make Your Business Profitable

We are formed by a group of Tech Graduates who worked in the Corporate world before deciding to start their own Company. The startup Virus affects our brain and we got into this entrepreneurial world of service. The first thing we did was SWOT analysis, we identified our weakness, strength, opportunity, and threats. During this, we realized that Knowledge was our biggest strength and finance was our biggest weakness. So we accepted the fact that we don’t have the budget to market to big companies or corporations.
So what do we do? Should we start applying for jobs?
We also identified that there was lots of small business in US. Small business is mostly has a superman called the owner who tried to wear as much as possible and tends to lack behind in the tech world. We saw an opportunity there, we could help small business with their tech needs and provide them all the tech and skills needed to grow them.

But isn’t small business are restained with budget issues.
Yes, I get it, but small business doesn’t demand more as corporate so we can serve multiple businesses at once and can lower our cost to them. 
and on top of that, our cost is incorporated in their revenue as investing in us means increasing their revenue.
The best part, ” one-day small business will become giant”

So our mission is to “ Stalk small business till their growth and  cash out bigtime 

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